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By Stephen Mitchell

An anthology of poetry selected from the world's nice spiritual and literary traditions--the excellent significant other to the bestselling Tao Te Ching.

• The Upanishads • The e-book of Psalms • Lao-tzu • The Bhagavad Gita • Chuang-tzu • The Odes of Solomon • Seng-ts'an • Han-shan • Li Po • Tu Fu • Layman P'ang • Kukai • Tung-shan • Symeon the hot Theologian • Izumi Shikibu • Su Tung-p'o • Hildegard of Bingen • Francis of Assisi • Wu-men • Dõgen • Rumi • Mechthild of Magdeburg • Dante • Kabir Mirabai • William Shakespeare • George Herbert • Bunan • Gensei • Angelus Silesius • Thomas Traherne • Basho • William Blake • Ryõkan • Issa • Ghalib • Bibi Hayati • Wait Whitman • Emily Dickinson • Gerard Manley Hopkins • Uvavnuk • nameless Navaho • W. B. Yeats • Antonio Machado • Rainer Maria Rilke • Wallace Stevens • D.H. Lawrence • Robinson Jeffers •

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20. during this passage Krishna, the embodiment of the Godhead, is talking. See The Geeta, positioned into English by means of Shri Purohit Swami, Faber & Faber, 1935, and The Bhagavad Gita, translated by way of Eknath Easwaran, Nilgiri Press, 1985. Bibi Hayati (? –1853), Persian mystic and poet; married to the pinnacle of 1 of the Sufi orders, who inspired her to put in writing her poems. She additionally labored as a caretaker and prepare dinner for her Sufi brothers and sisters. Blake, William (1757–1827), English visionary, poet, and artist; thought of insane in the course of his lifetime and missed for almost a century in a while. “Men are admitted into Heaven,” Blake wrote, “not simply because they've got curbed & govern’d their Passions or haven't any Passions, yet simply because they've got Cultivated their Understandings. ” See the fantastic modern account of him within the transportable Blake, Viking, 1946, pp. 675ff. Henry Crabb Robinson, the diarist, a standard Englishman who met Blake a number of occasions, with a hilarious mix of condescension, bafflement, and curiosity, stated that “in the wonder of his countenance and gentility of his demeanour he additional an indescribable grace to his conversation,” and defined an early stopover at hence: “Everything within the room squalid and indicating poverty, other than himself. And there has been a normal gentility approximately him, and an insensibility to the seeming poverty, which particularly got rid of the influence. along with, his linen used to be particularly fresh, his hand white, and his air really unembarrassed while he begged me to sit as though he have been in a palace. ” At one element Blake stated to him, “I can't contemplate loss of life as greater than the going out of 1 room into one other. ” somewhere else Crabb Robinson wrote, “I placed the preferred query to him, about the imputed Divinity of Jesus Christ. He spoke back: ‘He is the single God’—but then he added—‘And so am I and so are you. ’ “The ebook of Psalms (8th? –3rd? century B C E). Psalms 19 and 131 are often ascribed to King David. Psalm 104: This psalm has such awesome affinities to the Hymn to the Aton through the pharaoh Amen-hotep IV (reigned c. 1380—1361 B. C. E. ) that it can be significantly older than the above bet. Bunan (1603–1676), jap Zen grasp; labored as a gatekeeper until eventually his forties. Chuang-tzu (369? —286? B C E), chinese language Taoist grasp, thinker, and comic. the most well-known passage in his publication is the next: “Once Chuang-tzu dreamt that he used to be a butterfly, fluttering round, proud of himself and totally carefree. He didn’t comprehend he used to be Chuang-tzu. unexpectedly he awakened: there he was once within the flesh, unmistakably Chuang-tzu. yet he didn’t comprehend if he used to be Chuang-tzu who had simply dreamt that he was once a butterfly, or a butterfly now dreaming that he was once Chuang-tzu. ” See the way in which of Chuang Tzu, through Thomas Merton, New instructions, 1965, and the whole Works of Chuang Tzu, translated by means of Burton Watson, Columbia college Press, 1968. Dante Alighieri (1265–1321), Italian poet, universally stated, with Homer and Shakespeare, as one of many splendid Western poets. “This mountain of unlock is such that the”: Purgatorio iv, 88–94.

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